• Ongoing evolutionary robotics inspired video game

Open Source Unity Libraries

  • PushForth is a light-weight, strongly-typed, stack-based genetic programming language for .NET

  • PshSharp is a C# implementation of the Push programming language, a stack-based language designed for genetic programming. (Superseded by PushForth.)

  • RolePlay.Attributes library allows one to create a graph of mutually modifiable values without going crazy. (Slay the Spire is a game that does this: modifiers modifying modifiers.)

  • KeySequences a performant trie-based key sequence recognizer (also known as cheatcodes).

  • Unity Package Template creates Unity packages easily.

Non Unity


  • Buoyancy implemented with GameObjects, High Performance C# (HPC#) with Jobs, and with Entities

  • Generic Genetic Algorithm Composer that does not choose what datatype the “genotype” or “fitness” ought to be.